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HTML editors are a kind of computer program used for making web pages. Even though the web page’s HTML markup may be written with the use of any text editor, such specialized HTML editors may provide convenience as well as added functionality. For instance, numerous HTML editors function not only with the HTML, but also they can work with some related technologies including XML, CSS, ECMAScript or JavaScript. In several cases, they can also handle communication with the remote web servers via WebDAV and FTP, and some version management systems like Subversion or CVS.

Forms of Editors

There are different types of HTML editors including text, WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get), and object editors.

  • Text Editors

Text editors are used with HTML typical offer syntax highlighting. Templates, keyboard shortcuts, and toolbars may easily insert the common HTML structures and elements. Tooltip prompts, autocompletion, and Wizards can help with the common tasks.

Commonly, the text HTML editors include either functions that are built-in or integrated with the external tools for tasks as version and source control, code checking, validation, link-checking, code cleanup, spell-checking, formatting, uploading through WebDAV or FTP, and structuring the project.

A text editor also requires user understanding regarding HTML and other web technologies that the designers wish to utilize including JavaScript, server-side scripting languages, and CSS. They we also known as ASHE or A Simple HTML Editor.

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Several regular text editors like Windows Notepad can also save as HTML files simply through using some extensions including .html, .htm, .css, etc.

  • Object Editors

Several editors let alternate editing of objects’ source text in a more visually and organized mode than simple color highlighting, yet in modes not considered as WYSIWYG. Some WYSIWYG editors features an option of utilizing palette windows, which allow editing text-based parameters of chosen objects. Such palettes let either editing parameters in the fields for every individual parameter or text windows in editing full group of source texts for selected object. These may include widgets to select and present options when editing the parameters. Adobe GoLive offers an outline editor used to collapse and expand HTML objects as well as properties, view graphics, and edit parameters that are attached on the expanded objects.

  • WYSIWYG HTML Editors

A WYSIWYG HTML editor provides an editing interface that resembles on how the page will be viewed or displayed in web browsers. This kind of editor can be a stand-alone program like Microsoft Frontpage or Adobe Dreamweaver or may come in the form of a browser extension and let editing directly within web browsers. Since utilizing WYSIWYG editors may not need any HTML knowledge, they are often simpler for a typical computer user to begin with.

WYSIWYG view can be achieved through embedding the layout engine based upon that utilized in the web browser. The layout engines will be improved through the developers of editors to let for pasting, typing, deleting as well as manipulation of content. The goal is that the rendered result must represent what will be displayed later in the regular web browsers.

  • WYSIWYM Editors

WYSIWYM, which stands for what you see is what you mean is another paradigm to WYSIWYG editors mentioned above. Rather than focusing on the document’s presentation or format, this preserves the element’s meaning. For instance, sections, page headers, paragraphs, etc. are labeled like in editing programs and viewed appropriately in browsers.

  • Online Editors

There are tons of online editors and these include Blended-HTML, LiveGap Editor, YUI Rich Text Editor, WYMeditor, TinyMCE, SnapEditor, OpenBEXI, CKEditor, and Silex.

Valid HTML Markup

The HTML is considered as the structured markup language. There are particular rules when it comes to how HTML should be written if this is to conform to the standards of W3C for World Wide Web. Through following such rules may mean that the websites are accessible on all kinds and makes of a computer, to people with disabilities and on wireless devices like PDAs and mobile phones, with their screen sizes and limited bandwidths. But, majority of HTML documents online don’t meet the W3C standards’ requirements.

In a certain study that was conducted in the year 2011 on the 350 most famous websites, 94% of the websites fail the standards markup of web and validation tests of style sheet or apply characters when encoding not properly. Even those documents that are syntactically correct can be inefficient because of an unnecessary use of the repetition or depending on the rules that were deprecated for several years. The current W3C recommendation on the utilization of CSS with HTML were first used by W3C in the year 1996 and was refined and revised since then.

Such guidelines highlight the content’s separation from style. This has the perk of providing the style information once for the whole site not repeated in every page. WYSIWYG editor designer has been struggling ever since on how they could present the best concepts to the users without the need to confuse them through exposing the basic reality. Modern editors succeed to some extent. However, no editor has succeeded entirely yet.

Web page was edited or created. WYSIWYG, on the other hand, this must have a valid markup as well as code for this to be successful and maintain the web’s value across the globe. This must not be considered ready for online use until the CSS and HTML syntax have been validated successfully with the use of either the free validator services of W3C or other dependable alternatives.


At present, you will find tons of HTML editors in the market. However, when choosing the right one, make sure that you know your needs or purposes. The reason behind it is that there are several editors that are made for pros and starters. Depending on your experience in HTML, see to it that you have chosen the right one as this will offer you convenience and satisfaction in the long run. If this is your first time in shopping around HTML editors, considering those mentioned details above will give you an idea about the most ideal one for your needs.

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